Our 4 -To-1 and 1-To-1 Tutorials are designed to give intensive personal attention to each student through smaller teacher/student ratios in the home environment.  Native English-speaking teachers are selected for their skills in tutoring, their attitude to young people and their enthusiasm for sharing the country’s culture and way of life.

Four-To-One Tutorial


Our CLUB 4  (4 -To -1) students are taught in small groups of similar age and ability by one teacher in a home based setting. The low Teacher/student ratio allows lessons to individually focus on specific language skills and goals.​​

Classes are held on weekday mornings either in the Teacher’s home or in one of the 4 student’s host families homes.​

​Afternoon excursions are organised by the Teacher, taking into consideration the students individual interests and are specifically tailor-made to build on the knowledge learned during class time.

​A weekly full-day cultural excursion completes the programme.​

So for a two week session, students have a total of 55 hours language exposure to their teacher.

Four-To-One Equestrian Tutorial

Our Equestrian students have the same English Language lesson format as our Club 4 with the same low Teacher/Student ratio as the regular 4-To-1 groups. Classes are held on weekday mornings either in the Teacher’s home or in one of the 4 student’s host families.​

4 afternoons per week are​ devoted to Horse riding at reputable local stables. Equestrian lessons are held in English and incorporate Horse Riding, Stable Management and Grooming amongst other  topics.

A weekly full-day cultural excursion completes this programme. 

Our instructors are fully qualified by the British Horse Society Ireland and have A.I.R.E (Association of Irish Riding Establishments) accreditation. All have many years experience with foreign students.  ​

​Equestrian Tutorials run for 2 week periods with 8 afternoons of Horse specific activities throughout the summer months. 

A supervised School Disco is held midweek exclusively for the students and their host families.

One-To-One Tutorial


1-To-1 Tutorials  provide the opportunity for total immersion in a tutor's home, coupled with focused bespoke private English lessons.

The student/teacher ratio is actually one to one, which gives the student 100% personal attention thus allowing for any special problems to be addressed.​ Emphasis is placed on building confidence  through practice in a friendly home environment specifically matched to suit individual tastes, hobbies  and preferences  Application Form.  


 The daily format includes:

  • Full Board Accommodation with an approved host family.

  •  3 Hours English Tuition per day

  • All Course materials.

  •  Lunch under the teacher’s supervision.

  •  2 and a half hours afternoon activity per weekday.​​​


  • 1 Full day Excursion per week.

  • Certificate and Progress report.

  • Airport transfers.

  • Full Guardianship Services            


The daily format includes:  

  •  Full Board Accommodation with an   approved host family.

  • 3 Hours English Tuition per day.

  • All Course materials. 

  •  Lunch under the teacher's supervision.

  • 2 and half hours riding and stable management per weekday.


  • 1 Full day Excursion per week

  • Certificate and Progress report.

  • Airport transfers.   

  • Full Guardianship Services


The weekly format includes:  

  •  Full Board Accommodation with a   qualified TEFL Teacher's family.

  • 10 Hours English One-To-One Tuition per week.

  • All Course materials. 

  • A minimum of 2 half day activities .

  • A minimum of one exercise based activity/excursion per week.


  • 1 Full day Excursion per week

  • Certificate and Progress report.

  • Airport transfers.   

  • Full Guardianship Services

Sample Club 4 Timetable
Supervised Disco
19.30 - 22.30
Dinner at host family home
Wicklow Gaol

ACELS Accreditation since 2006

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